VFA-305 THE "LOBOS" Ready Room.!

We are flying the new DCS F/A-18C in the World 2.5.6 Beta ...Super Carrier...Persian Gulf Map.......!!

Aviator Schedule: New Squadron Workup Sept 15, 2020..Any Suggestions are Appreciated...

AVIATOR SCHEDULE :_F/A-18C Super Hornet Flight: Super Carrier-Persian Gulf _ Sept 15, 2020...??? 7-9.Pm. East/ Time

" SQUADRON FLIGHT "..Mission ...4V_F/A-18C Ammo Depot Strike Takeoff 1800 hrs AL RAS KHAIMAH AB"

* Download F/A-18c-4V CVN73 Ammo Depot Strike Mission.... Place in F/A-18C Mission Folder....

DCS F/A-18C Lobos Missions...zipped with 7z ~

F/A-18c-4V CVN73 Ammo Depot Strike_07-23-2020.

F/A-18C-4v Super Hornet Bridge Strike

F/A-18C-4v Super Hornet Missle Factory Strike

F/A-18C-4v Super Hornet Command Center Strike

Nato Force TE Missions...VFA-305 Team ~

Power Plant Strike 12~F/A-18C Super Hornet_Dusk Mission

AF " Port Refinery " Srike Dusk 8~F/A-18c Super Hornet

AF Airfield Strike - 8~F/A-18C Super Hornet

DCS F/A-18C LOBOS Missions updated 06-30-2018 ~

Download DCS F/A-18C LOBOS Missions here..!!

8~F/A-18C Super Hornets Missle Factory Strike


LEAD PILOT:.....LT. CMMDR: John " Cool " Mazza

Flight Alfa

PILOT No..1 LT.:

PILOT No..2 LT.:

Pilot No..3 LTJG.:

Pilot No..4 LTJG.:

Aviators that will be Attending Aug 27, 2020 Briefing: Please Contact.... Joe " Zipper " Mazza





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